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Different types of wood animal crafts as toys for gifting and decor

wood carving online

Making craft items is an interesting and relaxing hobby for people of all ages since it keeps them engrossed in the work. While there are many different types of crafts for children, one of the most popular option is making wood animals crafts. Animals have fascinated children and adults for centuries, and most people enjoy […]

Driftwood and where to buy it.

Introduction Driftwood is found where water meets with the land along the beaches, riverbanks and lake shores. It provides a natural basis that designs of various shapes and sizes can be created. People living around the coast are well aware of the benefit. The quantity of driftwood in any place depends on various things. Decay […]

Give your rooms the amazing look with driftwood artwork

WHY DRIFTWOOD? Driftwood artwork gives a unique coastal touch to the wall of your beautiful home. The driftwood is natural to find and is an inexpensive way to decorate the interior of your home. Many artists particularly make driftwood artwork, and they produce anything and everything from this beautiful driftwood, which not only complements your […]

Make incredible driftwood wall art with absolute ease!

Addition of driftwood touches on the walls can give your pretty home an amazing coastal vibe. This driftwood wall art is an easy and an inexpensive way to decorate your home. The artists who typically just produce driftwood wall decor and driftwood wall art create anything from woodwork complementing your furniture to simple driftwood wall […]

The story of the craftsman of Li Xiang-skillfully embroidered

A piece of cloth, a needle, a bunch of lines, a clever hand flies down, a blooming peony slowly jumps out. This is the work of Li Xiang, the inheritor of Manchu folk hand embroidery. The 47-year-old Li Xiangsheng was born in the Weichang Manchu Mongol Autonomous County. She studied hand embroidery with her mother […]

China’s five major folk crafts dying slowly

With the continuous advancement and development of society,  many ancient traditional art will be slowly replaced. Although this is a historical trend, we feel pity for those things that are disappearing. After all, it  existed for thousands of years. Today, let’s take a look at some of the traditional craftsmanship of the Chinese folks that […]

The 3 best wall decor ideas for living room

wood artwork for walls

Wall decoration is an important part of home design. It not only brings visual pleasure, but also has practical functions. The different spaces in the home have different requirements for the wall design, so the decorative protagonists in each space are naturally different. Your own paintings, family photos, and small items with special features can […]

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